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dog tags Traditional Dog Tag Set $7.00
(per set)
Each set includes two dog tags, two rubber silencers, and two chains (one long chain to go around your neck, one short chain to attach the second tag to the first). You can put a maximum of 5 lines on the tag, and each line can contain 15 characters. Some information you could include is your name, home state, or graduating year. If you are a scout you might want to include your rank or troop number. Or you can always customize as you wish.

These tags are made with authentic World War II Machinery and they come in shiny stainless steel, dull stainless steel, World War II notched style, black, brass and red. NOTE: World War II notched tags do not come with silencers. See "Extras" below.

If you're a scout, be sure to check out our Scout Special Offer.

Type of Tag:
Line 1 (Max 15 Characters)
Line 2 (Max 15 Characters)
Line 3 (Max 15 Characters)
Line 4 (Max 15 Characters)
Line 5 (Max 15 Characters)
dog tags 10-Pack of Gear Tags $24.99
(per 10-pack)
Gear Tags are 2-line (15 characters per line) dog tags that are great for identifying your equipment, sleeping bag, tent, or anything else that you want to attach them to. A pack of gear tags comes with either 10 split key rings or 10 S-hooks. Extra split rings and S-hooks can be bought in the "extras" section at the bottom of this page for $0.50 each. These gear tags come in either Stainless Steel or Black.

Ring and Color Options
Line 1 (Max 15 Characters):
Line 2 (Max 15 Characters):

dog tags Temporary Tattoos $1.00
(per tattoo)
These are fun, safe, temporary tattoos that you can apply anywhere. They come in Navy (U.S.N.), Marine Bulldog, United States Air Force (U.S.A.F) and Army varieties.

dog tags Extras $0.50
(per item)
Spare parts are available at an additional cost. Click the image or click here to see all of the extras available. If you're buying silencers make sure to include which colors you would like in the "add special instructions to the merchant" box when making your order. We will send out a black silencer if you do not specify otherwise.


Civil War Style Dog Tags

Disclaimer: All sales are final as this work is personalized and not resellable. General J's Dog Tags assumes no responsibility for any personal information included on our products.